Because the lyrics are not included in our album covers, we put them here for you, as well as the story of how we came by our version of the songs. Before you read the stories, you should know that Sophie and Margot know each other from an Irish session at an Amsterdam pub called Mulligans. This place comes up in all our stories because it was very influential for The Lasses. Many thanks to its owner Miriam Feuth for giving Irish and traditional music such a warm and welcome stage in Amsterdam.

Songs on our third album, Live at de Parel van Zuilen

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1. Snow (Sophie Janna/Margot Merah)
2. Hanging ’round (Timothy Hull)
3. Love Has Gone (Kathryn Claire)
4. Bittersweet (Margot Merah)
5. Nightfall (Sophie Janna)
6. Horo Johnny (Sean McCarthy)
7. Island Man (Sophie Janna/Margot Merah)
8. Craigie Hill (Traditional)
9. The Cuckoo (Traditional)
10. That Lesson (Kathryn Claire)
11. Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney)

Songs on our second album, Daughters

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1. Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney)
2. Polly Vaughn (Traditional)
3. Hush, Hush (Jim McLean)
4. Across the Blue Mountains (Traditional)
5. Eileen Og (Percy French)
6. In the Pines (Traditional)
7. Cobbler’s Daughter (Kate Rusby/Traditional)
8. Fare Thee Well (Traditional)
9. Old Cook Pot (Shawn Byrne/Chuck McCarthy)
10. Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)
11. The One I Love (Bill Monroe)
12. Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns)
13. Stretched on Your Grave (Traditional)

Songs on our first album, The Lasses

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1. Follow the Heron (Karine Polwart)
2. Next Market Day (Traditional)
3. The Lambs on the Green Hills (Traditional)
4. Cruel Sister (Traditional)
5. In Shame (Traditional)
6. Beeswing (Richard Thompson)
7. Caledonia (Dougie MacLean)
8. Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch)
9. Hole in the Heart (Karine Polwart)
10. Lang Road Doon (Steve Byrne)
11. Red is the Rose (Traditional)