Live at De Parel

1. Snow
2. Hanging ’round
3. Love Has Gone
4. Bittersweet
5. Nightfall
6. Horo Johnny
7. Island Man
8. Craigie Hill
9. The Cuckoo
10. That Lesson
11. Grey Funnel Line

Snow (Sophie Janna/Margot Merah)
Margot and Sophie wrote this song together in August 2015, in the town of Ootmarsum, where they stayed in a hotel for the yearly arts festival. Kathryn heard the song one month later, when she arrived for her first “church tour” with The Lasses. Kathryn’s fiddle solo made the song complete. Kathryn’s fiddle solo made the song complete and it was soon agreed that it would be perfect as an opening track for this album!

Hanging ’round (Timothy Hull)
Margot and Sophie heard this song from Kathryn. A couple of months later we heard Timothy Hull sing it, not realizing that he was the writer of the song. When we joined in, we saw Timothy’s jaw drop: how did two Dutch girls know a song he wrote? That alone made the song a symbol of how music connects people all over the world. Moreover, the lyrics are very meaningful to all of us.

Love Has Gone (Kathryn Claire)
Kathryn wrote this song many years ago and recorded it on her first solo album, Wanderer. Playing it with The Lasses, giving it a three part harmony, breathed fresh energy into the song.

Bittersweet (Margot Merah)
Margot first sang this song to Kathryn and Sophie sitting on the kitchen table in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It breathes doubt and melancholy so we never expected it to become the most sing-along-y song that we have on the repertoire! We loved playing it during our church tour and hear so many people join us in the chorus.

Nightfall (Sophie Janna)
After our US spring tour in 2016, Sophie went on to visit a musician friend in Austin, Texas. This is where she wrote this song, after borrowing a bicycle that had no lights and no lock, so all she could do was pedal on and sing melodies, recording them on her phone. Without a bike light for safety and direction, of course she had to be “home before nightfall”…

Horo Johnny (Sean McCarthy)
Singing about heartbreak feels so much better with one woman to your left and another to your right! This song by Irish songwriter Sean McCarthy (1923-1990) still feels new every time we sing it.

Island Man (Sophie Janna/Margot Merah)
On an island off the Washington coast, there lives a wonderful songwriter. We were lucky to play with this man in April 2016. After leaving the island both Sophie and Margot wrote lyrics about this beautiful place and man, but neither had any music for it yet. During the soundcheck of our gig in Long Beach some days later Sophie found a guitar part, and we discovered that both our lyrics could fit the same song! We played the new song the very next day in Manzanita, where it turned out that the object of our writing had made an appearance in the audience…

Craigie Hill (Traditional)
Although it must be hard to leave all the things you know, the place you grew up in and your family, the woman in this song does just that. She does not care for waiting for the man she loves; she wants to join him and discover a new home far across the ocean. It’s both the vigor of this woman and the wish for something new that appealed to Margot when she learned the song.

The Cuckoo (Traditional)
Kathryn learned this popular American traditional song many years ago and has sung it all over the world. The chorus is great for people to sing along with, no matter what language they speak because it is a call and response. When Kathryn started playing it with The Lasses, they arranged their harmony parts to highlight the call and response, really bringing out the American roots of the song.

That Lesson (Kathryn Claire)
Kathryn wrote this song after her first full length tour in Holland, Belgium and France. Ruminating on the European tradition of greeting people by kissing on the cheek, Kathryn reflects upon themes of travel, cultural exchange, love, and transformation in the lyrics. By the end of her tour, she realized that each country kissed a different number of times and remarked that in her road-weary condition it felt as though she knew where she was based on the kisses she received.

Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney)
This song is the very first song that the three women ever sang together. Sophie learned it years ago at the Royal Oak-session in Edinburgh. Back in Amsterdam, it became a Lasses-favorite, and who would have thought that Kathryn, on her first visit to the back room sessions in Mulligans, would simply open her mouth and add a perfect third harmony without batting an eyelid? It was our encore during our last fall tour and we thought it would be perfect to end this live album with.