6. Horo Johnny

Horo Johnny won’t you come home soon
The winter’s coming and I’m all alone
A candle’s burning in my window love
And the wild geese they are flying home

A young man’s love is something to behold.
First it burns and then it soon turns cold.
He’ll whisper in the moonlight and your hand he’ll hold,
Then he’ll vanish with the morning dew


He’ll court you in the meadow in the summertime.
When first you love, it is the sweetest time.
He’ll promise you a golden ring and then one day
He will vanish with the morning dew.


You’ll be waiting for his footsteps in the lonely room
Listen by the window. He’ll be coming soon.
Your heart it will be breaking by the early morn.
For he’ll vanish with the morning dew.

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