1. Follow the Heron

This song was written by Scottish songstress Karine Polwart. Sophie used to go to the session in The Royal Oak in Edinburgh, and this song was often sung there. Anyone who hears it would think it was a traditional, and it has become a session staple all across the world. It has great lyrics about the return of spring after a long winter. Perfect song to open our first album with!


The back of the winter is broken
And light lingers long by the door
And the seeds of the summer have spoken
In gowans that bloom on the shore

By night and day we’ll sport and we’ll play
And delight as the dawn dances over the bay
Sleep blows the breath of the morning away
And we follow the heron home

In darkness we cradled our sorrow
And stoked all our fires with fear
Now these bones that lie empty and hollow
Are ready for gladness to cheer

So long may you sing of the salmon
And the snow scented sounds of your home
While the north wind delivers its sermon
Of ice and salt water and stone

***We do not own the copyright to these lyrics, written by Karine Polwart. If the rightful owners tell us to do so, we will take them down immediately.***